The Association of Mining and Geology Engineers of Serbia, in addition to members, also consists of collective members, ie. associations:

  • - republic professional and multidisciplinary engineering associations;
  • - engineering associations based on the territorial principle: provincial, city, regional and municipal.
  • - Honorary member of AMGE at least 8 (eight) years of full and successful activity in AMGE.

Associations carry out their work and business in accordance with the Law, their Statute and other general acts, as well as the Statute of AMGE of which they are members.

Determination of proposals for admission to membership of new members of AMGE registered in accordance with the Law on Associations, is done by the Board of Directors based on the request of the association and acceptance of this Statute, and the decision on admission is made by the Assembly of AMGE.

The current members automatically gain membership with their decision to accept the AMGE Statute.

The name of a newly established association may not be identical to the name of other associations that are registered or duly registered for entry in the Register.

The name of the association must not be interchangeable with the name of another association, nor should it cause confusion about the association, its goals or regarding the type of legal entity in question.

Members of AMGE have the status of a legal entity and are independent in their organization and work, except in those obligations arising from this Statute and other normative acts of AMGE.

Members have special obligations and responsibilities in the application of the AMGE Rulebook, which refer to the house rules and use of business premises in the Houses of Engineers and the Rulebook on Fire Protection, if they use the AMGE business premises for their work in accordance with AMGE bodies.

For jointly created obligations, AMGE and the members are jointly and severally liable in accordance with the Agreement by which they have agreed on joint affairs and activities.

All AMGE members have equal rights, obligations and responsibilities.

The rights, obligations and responsibilities of AMGE members and their forms of organization are:

  • - to actively work on achieving their own goals and tasks, as well as the programs and work plan of AMGE and jointly determined activities, without disturbing their programs and work plans;
  • - to be elected and represented in the bodies and organs of AMGE and SITS through their representatives;
  • - to inform each other about the activities they plan and initiate;
  • - to take the initiative to consider issues of common interest;
  • - to implement the positions, conclusions and decisions made by the bodies and organs of AMGE;
  • - to respect and abide by general acts, documents and decisions of AMGE bodies;
  • - to fully comply with all regulations, documents and decisions related to the use of work space in the business premises of AMGE;
  • - to adhere to the Code of Ethics of SITS and AMGE;
  • - to obligatorily point out in their Statutes and Statutes of their forms of organization, in their documents, magazines, publications, etc., that they are members of AMGE and that they use a stylized IT sign;
  • - to regularly inform AMGE about their plans and work programs.

The status of a AMGE member ceases:

  • - withdrawal from AMGE at the request of a member;
  • - termination of work of a member;
  • - non-acceptance and non-application of obligations from this Statute;
  • - expulsion of a member by a decision of the AMGE Assembly;
  • - termination of AMGE;

A member whose membership in AMGE has been terminated is responsible for the obligations it has assumed until the day of termination of the status of a member of AMGE, which means that it loses all acquired rights, and especially immediately loses the right to use AMGE business premises.